Monday, April 22, 2019

Week recap

Monday- 4 miles flat, out of the altitude, sort of a MAF test just to check in on that type of endurance. Plus there's a chance I'll try an 800 meter race this year so I'm mixing in more of these runs.

Tuesday- Home, 8000ft altitude on a somewhat "flat" section of road.
 4 X 300 meters relaxed tempo on 4:00 rest.
 8 X 100 HILL at best efforts on 100 meter walk back down.
 2 x 200 meters (flat) best efforts on 30 seconds rest.

Wednesday- Lift

Thursday- 0

Friday- Soccer field. Speed.
 4 X 100 on 5:00.
 4 X 40 on ~3:00 or so.

Saturday- Ralston DIRT track.
 3 X 300 90-95% effort on 5:00+ rest.
 Felt really good but the watch wasn't showing it.

Pm) Lift.

Sunday- Monarch (rubber) track. Speed focus ladder.
 Best I've felt this year and the fastest 40, 60 and 100 I've ever run. I never really do 80 meter intervals so I guess by default it's also the fastest ever for me. Note: last night's lift was playing around with potentiating today's run. Seemed to work.

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