Friday, April 12, 2019

Friday soccer field

  Felt ok today but want to save it for potential track sessions this weekend. I drove down to the big soccer field where corner to corner is ~170 meters. Pretty sure I'll be utilizing this for many quality, short sessions this year. It's a new field and still super soft which means less pounding.
 The goal today was relaxed and fast working on some mechanics. One idea is that you don't work on top speed form while running at top speed. You work on it while running at a more moderate speed.
 ~25 degrees, too cold to not run bundled up so movement felt blah.
All 3 point starts.
100- 13.9
150- 20.2
150- 20.0
100- 13.4
100- 13.6

Those sticks are my starting line

   My gym is a few blocks from here so I sat in the dry sauna for 30:00 post run and did deep tissue/ scraping on my legs.

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