Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Split 400's to failure

     The workout this morning was planned as 300m/ rest 1:00/ 100m/ rest 5:00. 
43.3/ 13.7                   
43.1/ 14.3 This 100 hurt! 
44.6 and my legs began to fail in the last ~50 meters. In my first (of only two so far) 400 I raced this year my legs failed and I started to get wobbly and it felt like I was going to fall. Today however I kept form and my legs felt solid, I just suddenly couldn't move my legs very well and they went numb. But, I still ran under 45" (that's 60" 400 pace) which was the initial goal. My glutes cramped as soon as I stopped and my legs weren't working well enough to even try the 100 to finish. It wouldn't have been useful anyway, I was done. 

    The last time I ran this session on 7/13:
 44.7/ 14.3
 44.5/ 14.5
 44.5/ 14.1

     It's possible that starting this session slightly more conservatively would have been "better", but I'm not sure if that's true. I admit that in the past I've worked too hard and pushed too hard, but that's what I enjoy more than anything. The second I finished the last 300 I wanted to go back and experience that feeling again. It's not often that we get to experience that kind of muscular failure brought on by intensity. I held strong mentally, that was not even a small issue, and was able to bring my muscles to the point that they quit before my mind did. That's a beautiful thing. So no, I ran this workout perfectly. 

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