Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wednesday 3 hour snowshoe in pictures

About 3 hours. I left at close to 11:00am and walked back in at 2:00. This was 50% backwoods off trail and 50% jeep roads up in Arapaho National Forest. Over a foot of snow... exhausting.


Big animal tracks. I'm about 99% sure it was a small puma or a lynx or bobcat and since it was snowing fairly hard and the tracks were not buried, I would guess it passed by less that 15:00 before me. And since I was following... I went through there. 

This looked cooler in person

Big cat he jumped about 8 feet. I followed the tracks for quite a while. No belly drag marks in ~12" of snow. 

1000ft climb

Looking down at where I went off the jeep road in to Arapaho National Forest

Two sets of tracks. Mine from 3 hours before turn left off the jeep track and mine again finishing the loop

A balmy 20 at the finish


Brett said...

That picasso tree picture flocking rocks.

GZ said...

Dude - the gortex beard is coming in nice. Movember is coming.

Lucho said...

Brett- I've kept my eye out for an aspen eye shot. I do like that one. I also think the first photo is pretty cool.

G- Yep, it's beard time. But what is Movember? Is that a secret Simpsons bartender insider thing?

GZ said...

Moustache November of course.