Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sunday long run in pictures

  It was a balmy 30 degrees and a beautiful night/ morning.

The sun finally starting to come up.

30 miles away Broomfield is still asleep.

 Epic shot. This guy was actually posing for me I think. 

Random tree shots

My shed. We've had some wind

I'm wondering if the icicles will reach the shed. 


GZ said...

I thought the elk shot was cool but the ice shot takes it today.

GZ said...

Crap, meant deer.

krystyna47 said...

The icicles are incredibly beautiful!! And that's what male deer do: they stand big and tall to intimidate their opponents!

Larry Linux said...

Awesome shots Lucho - especially the icicles!

Eight pointer? Deer down here are on the move - my buddy (german shepherd) keeps me awake half the night every fall barking at the yearly courtship.


Rob Timko said...

"I bet you think that's a deer. NOOOOPE Chuck Testa!"

Michelle Simmons said...

I showed Moana the picture of the icicles and asked her what she thought that was... she said "A snow slide!!" Ha! I guess. Though most slides don't include such sharp edges... those ice blades look dangerous!

mtnrunner2 said...

That is a cool-looking buck, and I think he knows it.

And those icicles are crazy. Almost looks like it's in motion.

Lucho said...

Chuck Testa... hilarious! I should have seen that coming.

Mama- The last ice photo looks like an ocean wave curling. Dangerous trough.

Stay Vertical said...

Great shots. This is why I carry my bow on most runs from Aug 30 to Oct 31. I often come home with a better workout and at least a grouse for dinner.

Lucho said...

Stay Vertical- Your pics are amazing too! Wow. Far more rugged where you live for sure. The bull moose trumps my little deer by about 500 pounds I think!

Stay Vertical said...


The finest 100 mile training. When I finally put the bow down for a peak training phase before my races this year, I could not believe it. I knocked out PR's day after day on routes I train routinely.

I believe several factors contributed to the dramatic peak: Heat training from all the camo clothing in 80+ temps; better fat burning from all day out at moderate pace with not much to eat; full body stronger from carrying about 10 extra pounds bushwhacking over alpine peaks, blowdowns, swamps, crags, etc.

Plus, on race day, I get to fuel up with JERKY from this dude.

Thanks for checking out my blog. I have followed yours for a year or so now, since I have tried to become an actual runner, not just a hack who shows up and barely finishes.

Jeremy from Idaho

Lucho said...

Awesome stuff Jeremy! I love it. Perfect ultra training for sure.

Jennifer Cunnane said...

Amazing shots!!! What time did you wake up to do this run?? Do you drink coffee beforehand? Can't wait to get back to the mountains.... I'm going to crested butte for a long weekend in January!

Lucho said...

Jennifer- I hate to admit it but I was up a 1:50am. Insomnia. I hadn't planned on running really, but at 3:30am I decided to head out. I only drink coffee before runs. Sometimes I'll drink water but not usually. I think it's a throw back to ten years of 5:00am swims. My stomach just isn't ready to eat when I wake up and it works very well for me. On paper I'm an under eater but blood sugar lows (bonks) are extremely rare for me, it's been years since I had one. My body weight is also very stable when I'm both training and on a long break. I've stayed within 5 pounds of 145 for the past 5 years. So ya, I don't eat at all before ANY workout, whether that be a 4 hour bike or a 6 hour run. I suspect it's metabolic efficiency above all else.