Monday, April 25, 2011

Monday in pictures

Winter has finally arrived and we've had close to 2 feet of snow in the last 7 days. It melts quickly and by midday it's gone but every little bit helps.

Starr Peak and my Powerline Climb up to 10,500ft. You can see the cut straight up the mountain.

In the clouds looking down at my street

Liquid sun pouring through the clouds

4 Crosses

Coal Creek Mountain Park with 4 Crosses

Double switchback

Green Mountain

Looking down on Coal Creek Mountain Park

Scar Top Mountain. The 12k on the 4th of July runs up and then around this peak.

Green Mountain and looking straight down to my neighborhood



Brett said...


Many elites have failed to even start races for fear of picking the wrong foot to begin with. They just stare down at their feet at the starting line frozen in time. Glad you didn't have that problem on race day this weekend.

Also, when you said Wednesday "I can't see running nearly this hard for this weekend's 1/2 marathon" [re: your Walker loop) well I guess you only missed that one by about a minute (per mile). So does that mean you ran it in a retro button down shirt and cowboy hat again?

By the description of the new 5k course you found nearby, they might should give out belt buckles to finishers.

Brett said...

Also, some interesting comments with regards to the intensity and frequency of training by Renato:

Justin Mock said...

Damn, you take some good pictures.

Ward said...

Ahhh, to be in your shoes! Amazing..

Jeff Valliere said...

Awesome photos. I'll have to try that powerline climb sometime, looks sweet!

Lucho said...

Brett- I felt more like 'tempo' effort in the 1/2 marathon. I took the lead at 1k and then just cruised at a solid effort. Walker was considerably harder.
Ya, Canova is starting to come in to the lime light all of a sudden it seems. It's about time... they guy is the best.

JV- I have a few routes to get to Power Line and my favorite is back woods meandering. You would love it. And the climb itself is as solid as they come. It starts at about 9000ft altitude and gets 1500+ feet in 1 mile or so. I imagine it won't be clear of snow until maybe June. And near the top there are a few bubbling springs that come out of bare rock with the best water ever.

mtnrunner2 said...

Those are great pictures. Love the floating mountains! And the sun in the layers of bright cirrus clouds.

Shooting into the sun is darn near impossible with standard settings, but Canon iContrast performs miracles. I love it. I used it on my Canon S95 while skiing Sunday (bright snow, clouds + dark trees) and didn't get a dark or blown out shot all day.

Dax said...

Really beautiful pictures, but after your last post, I was hoping for some shoe reviews, or possibly a giveaway of some sort.

Lucho said...

mtrunner- I just have a simple little Canon powershot elph and it's perfect for me. Affordable and simple to carry in my pocket and I'm happy with the quality of shots.

Dax- I will do a shoe review soon. I have a great pair of Puma Trailfox that I bought at the thrift store for $4.99. I'm probably the worst shoe guy out there. If it fits then it works, so I'll have to make up a bunch of technical crap about the 'ride' and the 'last'... not sure what those are but it sounds pornographic. I'll try to include a couple of tests too. Like how they handle an ax chop or fire. You know, important stuff.

Brett said...

Re: Renato...he made a pretty ballsy comment in that link if you picked up on it - he said he thought one of his athletes 'was in 2h04m shape'. Pretty strong statement to say one of your runners is in world record/sub 2 min CR at Boston shape. The man knows what TF he is doing.

Dave said...

When I am dry-heaving on the side of the road, I will remember how beautiful it can look from the perspective of an awesome photographer. Then it will become wet-heaving, and all of Scar Top's beauty will be lost forever.

Lucho said...

Brett- Mosop's training was sick leading up to Boston. I think Mr Canova knows what he's saying and I think he has the ability to make his athletes believe they can do anything, which is a huge key to success. To have the balls to drop a low 28 10k in a marathon is belief based. I like too that he believes that Boston is not a slow course and that an athlete can be trained to run just as strong on a rolling course. In terms of muscle activation this is absolutely true. A pancake flat course causes the same muscles to fatigue from overuse (the same would apply to Mt Evans and Pikes Ascent) while a course with rollers allows different muscles to activate. If it were done right then I think for sure Boston could be very fast. But there's a belief component in that too.
What I don't get is that everyone always says that the Boston course is about 2:00 slow historically... and the wind aided the runners by about 2:00-3:00. So there is a cancellation effect right? So a 2:04 is about right. I don't know. It's running and conditions are just part of it and what makes it so great.

David- So you'll be dry heaving at the finish line and when I cross a couple of minutes later that's the reception I'll get? Did you see the 5k with prize money up here also? You gotta race that one too! You'll kill it with a new high altitude record.

chr15 said...

Amazing pictures. Really! the scenery there is breathtaking enough without Nature adding another layer of superlative!!!

Absolutley love the 'liquid sun'

Trigirlpink said...

Holy CRAP.. those pictures are awesome.

ajh said...

Beautiful pictures!

Elle said...

Your photos are superb. I can almost feel the moisture from the clouds...