Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Wednesday 9 miles.

GZ and I met up this morning and ran a 6 mile tempo effort around an industrial complex. GZ and I are in different places in our training, he's training for the Pikes Peak Ascent which is more about strength than speed. I had intended on running again today but I made the mistake of thinking I could do a quick drive in to Boulder to REI.. 2 hours later I made it back home pissed off from traffic. At least REI was out of what I went in for. Boulder is a parking lot with no parking spaces... one big cluster fuk.


Chuckie V said...

A BOLD move driving into Boulder Lucho. You call it a parking lot, while I call it a poorly designed shopping mall. But like you said: at least REI didn't have what you went in for.

It's funny to reside in Southern California and see fewer cars here than I ever did in that damn town. Today, though, was a busy day on the roads here: I saw twenty or so squirrels, five rabbits, three wild pigs, two wild turkeys, two coyotes, and a fox. Thankfully, I didn't have to park my bike!

Reinhold said...

hi Tim
I see you are a Pink Floyd fan!!
very great musik
Iam a PF fan Too


Lucho said...

Chuck- Birmingham was far less congested (and healthy- as I mentioned it is a Sir Mix-a-lot video) than Boulder. Crazy traffic with all the road construction that is always going on (yet the roads always suck?) and the holidays coming up.
Reinhold- How can you NOT like Pink Floyd!?!? They're excellent.