Saturday, December 15, 2007

Saturday- 5k Race- 15:53. 17 miles total.

wu) 2 miles easy with several of my athletes that drove over from Atlanta- Mike, Karen and Travis.. The run was pretty hilly, I thought judging from last years results that it would be flatter. The winner today (and the last 2 years) was none other than Scott Strand.. 2:16 marathoner, 28:50 10k, and 13:51 5k guy. Oh... I see now! He ran 15:30 today and was checking his e-mail at mile 2.. on the PC he ran with.. and his desk.. with a lamp and a chair. In other words I don't think he pushed too hard. My average HR showed my fatigue at 177. I was running hard but I couldn't get my legs to turn over faster. Scott was pulling away on the downhills and I was catching him on the ups. 5:06 pace on that course and second to a stud like Mr. Strand is satisfying though.
Funny- I leave Boulder Colorado (loaded with elite runners)and venture to the South and run a local 5k fun run and who shows up?
After the race I cooled down with my athletes- I loved meeting/ seeing them, thanks for driving over guys!!
Then this afternoon I ran 11 miles up in Oak Mt. Park.. gorgeous running trails but a little hillier than I had wanted but I ran easy and averaged HR 133.


Vanilla said...

Congrats on a good race despite being #2.

Lucho said...

#2 is poopy.

BRFOOT said...

NO #52 is poopy. #2 is real close.