Thursday, December 27, 2007

Thursday 15 miles.

I woke up this morning at 5:00am to a wind chill factor of 1 degrees and 6 inches of new snow with more coming down. I had a quality session scheduled so it was to the treadmill at the gym. Here is the workout.
4 miles warm-up. I try to allow my HR to stabilize before I start intervals. I think too that part of why I've never been injured is that I warm-up very well. Plus I never stretch ;) I started easy and slow and gradually built my pace to 6:00.

4 X 1 mile in 5:32 with 400 in 1:30 after each..
4 X 1200 in 4:09-4:05 with 400 in 1:30 after each..
2 X 800 in 2:42 on 400 in 1:30 after each..
10.5 miles in 59:04. Average pace 5:37. Average HR 165.
During the first 4 X 1 mile my max HR was 162.. good!
Cool-down .5 miles very slow jog, walk for the last 2:00.

My sickness feels better today.