Friday, December 28, 2007

Friday 26 miles- 2:55

Today was my long run... did I need to point that out? I had a goal starting out to get 26 but the footing is awful and the high today was 25 degrees.. which is right now.. which means it was colder when I started my run. I had a difficult time opening gels, my hands were so cold I couldn't get a grip on them. I did manage to eat exactly as I plan to at Austin, and although the intensity was no where near race specific I firmly believe that practice makes perfect. I ate gels at mile 3/6/10/14/18/22 and drank 3 gulps of Gatorade (Camelbak) every 2 miles.
I prefer out and back courses so I ran up interstate 287 to highway 52 and ran to the Diagonal. This used to be the starting miles of nearly every bike ride so I knew the course was accurate. The shoulders are very wide and even though the snow plows were out the footing was not great. GZ- you hate this run but we may need to resort to it for a few weeks?
HR average 149. Afterwards I did single leg jump rope for 100/80/40/20 jumps each. I wanted to see how it would feel to do this. It hurt.


GZ said...


At this point, I am freezing my tail off on snow roads in Fairplay. I will take the 287 run with a smile.

For what it is worth, you can get away from some of that traffic by running a bit of the "frontage" roads to 287. Just a block to the east starting at Arapahoe is 111th, and then at Isabelle 109th ... dodge down Isabelle to ... I don't know but it comes out on 52.

A little less traffic and probably just as clear of snow.

Lucho said...

After the snow from the last couple of days and temps nearing below zero.. even 287 wasn't clear. Lots of snow and ice on the shoulders. I imagine over the next day or two it will all clear up. Give me a call when you get back.