Thursday, December 6, 2007

Thursday 12 miles.

pm) 12 miles. HR average 150. Max 157. After the first .5 miles minimum HR 144.
I am entering the most important period of training. During this last 10 weeks I need to put 100% of my energy in to 3 workouts per week. In order of importance:
1. Long run. Each of these should be performed with as much race specific HR(and pace) work as possible with the goal of negative splitting each one. Volume should stay at a minimum of 20 miles with a max of 26 miles.
2. Specific Block days. My loose goal is to progress these days upwards of 30 miles total. The workouts will start at: am) 4 miles at HR 145-155/ 8 miles at HR 165-170. pm) 3 miles at HR 145-155/ 5 miles at HR 165-170.
3. Tempo run. Last week I ran 6 X 1 mile. My loose goal would be to get this session upwards of 50:00 at HR 175-178 and/or 1:00-1:10 at HR 170-175.
There is a 4th session that I will include only when I feel good and that is Vo2 hill intervals- 20"-40" max effort up a steep hill.
All other days should be very relaxed recovery effort if I'm tired, if I feel good then try to hold HR 145-155.
Over-all mileage should be in the 80-100 mile range.


Chuckie V said...

What? No swimming? No cycling? Come on Lucho, you're only cheating yourself.

Now pardon me while I go cry and try to roll back the clock...

BRFOOT said...

So do you have any rest days....real rest days....on your butt watching tv, playing with your son?? Getting 2 full nights of sleep between runs.What kind of taper will you do, if any.

Ironboom said...

How does your running volume now (80-100mpw) compare with your running volume when you were doing IM? If possible to generalize, what is different about your training philosophy for marathon only versus IM? For example, do you do the same level of tempo, speed work, etc.? Thanks.