Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Tuesday 14 miles.

14 miles easy, HR is still fairly high but I think I am a little behind on my hydration. Once you get dehydrated it can take several days of over hydrating to get back on track. Especially if you are training and drinking coffee. Peeing clear in the morning upon waking up is the best test. If you pee clear after 5 cups of coffee.. chances are you're not hydrated and that your body is simply flushing water due to the processing of the coffee. That makes it a diuretic. Watch the HR during workouts too. Particularly at the beginning, I have found that if it shoots up quickly at the beginning then it will probably stay up and even climb as the pace slows. If you are diligent and do not allow the HR to climb then this is called deflection velocity.. if you are like most people that will never reach their true potential and you ignore HR and continue with the pace then that is called cardiac drift. Either way it is all a choice, today I made a poor one but I did keep my HR below 163 (the upper end of my goal range). Today I will drink V8 until I pee red.
Up early after VERY little sleep. Maybe 3 hours at the most... we set Ben back a few steps by going home and letting him sleep in our bed. He's a quick unlearner.
Brett posted a comment below.. on my lack of color coordination, or taste rather.. I will keep my blog a little easier on the eyes.


Reinhold said...

Hi Tim
What is with you 4 Weekplanung
This sample is a great sugestion
how can a smart Training
Please give us this!!

j d said...

Hi Tim,
Just curious what you consider as "over-hydrating"? Are you ever concerned about drinking too much (i.e the hyponatremia concern I hear people talking about all the time)?


j d said...

Thanks for the reply. I am trying to focus on proper hydration for 2 reasons. First, I get cramps all the time (especially in my calves). Not just cramps during exercise, but almost small "muscle spasms" throughout the day. I thought that it might be a hydration issue. Second, I have heard that a dehydrated body tends to retain water and makes it hard to loose/ burn fat.

I am keeping a food log, which is very informative. I have recently found that for the log to work (for me) it MUST INCLUDE EVERYTHING. I had a tendancy to "forget" about little snacks throughout the day.

Thanks again for your reply.