Monday, November 26, 2007

Monday 14 miles.

It's always rough coming back from a rest break. I tell every one of my athletes that we often times will feel worse during rest periods. A few days back getting the ball rolling and the legs will come around. Today my HR was high but my pace was slow. Legs felt achy from the travel and the non-movement. The holidays are always a time of missed training for me and it used to really stress me out. I remember Chuck used to say that rain days were always good because we hardly ever don't train enough.. we always are trying to do too much and the bad weather forces us to miss training.. a good thing for us OCD types. I look at the holidays the same way now and relax when family, weather or other responsibilities threaten my weekly mileage.

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Brett said...

God, the green is killing me. :) Good point on rain days. It's hard for me some times to just let it go, but I'm learning.