Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Tuesday 0 miles

This morning I tested a new client on my Computrainer.. Conconi step test for LT wattage. Then went to the gym and lifted for 30:00 then swam with my son and wife. We had a blast!
I was "tagged" by Kerri yesterday.. not sure what that means. Can I win at this game? Can I hit people while playing? I'm supposed to list 5 things about me that people are dying to know.. with the exception of a few people, I would rather not tell. But, I like those few people so I won't let them die and I will tell this:
1) I was an All-State defensive back in high school. A 175 pound free safety that was fearless. I could power clean 220 pounds and bench press over 200 while still running a 2:00 half mile and a 4:30 mile.
2) I qualified for Ironman Hawaii less than a year after my last cigarette.
3) When I was living in the Caribbean I would make up to $800 a night and served Jimmy Buffett, James Hetfield (lead singer for Metallica), Anthony Kiedis (Red Hot Chili Peppers), had after hour drinks with Eric Idle and am on Peter Gabriel's honeymoon video.
4) I love running but don't like runners.
5) My son and wife are everything in the world to me.


jason said...

2) How much did you smoke, and for how long? I'd like to know how much longer I can blame my crappy performance on past bad habits. :)

4) I feel the same way about triathlon. I'm glad I'm not the only one.

Lucho said...

Jason- I smoked for about 6 years. But at least it was really heavy. 2 packs a day when I was on. The thing with smoking is that even if you damage your lungs beyond repair the chances that you will miss that extra lung function is small. When you are exercising the limit to your oxygen intake isn't simply from lung capacity rather it's from the working muscles being able to use it. We don't need 100% lung function when were training aerobically. That may be different for a miler who will be beyond Vo2 max.
FYI: Steve Jones was a smoker for a lot of years before he broke the world record in the marathon.
I pretty much dislike everyone equally. No bias.

kerrie said...

wow, that being said i may start smoking, lol...
very entertaining random facts!
keep me posted on when the track stuff/long run is starting, i need to start running more than once a week...