Thursday, November 1, 2007

Group Run Anyone?

I will be doing another track session on Saturday morning at the Niwot High School track. I would love some company if anyone would like to come out and jog in circles with me. Chuck has agreed to time anyone that maybe wants to run an aerobic time trial... very useful info this time of the year! I'll be doing mile repeats or 1000's. Then on Sunday I am going for 22 miles if anyone would want to join or start with me. I think starting a training group over the winter for Ironman and marathon athletes is a must here. If you are interested please drop me an e-mail or leave a comment.
And of course there is no charge.


Lee & Regina said...

I would love to join you, but since I live in NYC, I'll be in Central Park watching the trials instead. Have a good run though. I'll give a shout out to Mr. Culpepper for you. I will also be posting pix and maybe some video too if anyone is interested.

Chuckie V said...

With regards to the phrase "Saturday morning" what Lucho means is a time of day conducive to being awake and alive, without the aid of stimulants. If enough interest is shown we'll decide before then, but I think we're thinking 9 or 10am. It'll be fifteen degrees warmer and we can all run around topless. Women are encouraged to attend.

Lucho said...

I'm hoping that it will be warm enough to bust out my new, and even shorter, running shorts. I made my own using a thong and a kleenex.. I think Nike is going to buy the design for their new running line.

Kevin G said...

I am interested in being kept in the loop on the long run schedule. Boston is the plan, so I may just join for part of the long runs at first, if that is okay (and even then I might be getting in over my head). I ran 2:37 in 06.

JK1 said...

I will miss this weeks session, but be able to get to the long run next week.

Heading to the gym to lift and jump rope.

Also- I think you should shoot "The Schwartz" an email and let him know about your group- I'm sure he has a ton of people (and the rumor is- he himself has been running) that would be interested.

George said...

I am going to be on one of those damn treadmills Saturday AM, but only so I can run and watch the trials and get it all done early.

I'd be interested in some group work.