Friday, November 2, 2007

Friday 18 miles.

am) 8 miles- 56:00 easy recovery. I had very little physical response this morning from yesterday's efforts. HR was very low (120-130) at ~7:00 pace.
Lee & Regina.. pics from the marathon trials would be awesome!!! Where will you be posting them?

pm) 10 miles- 1:04. HR average 138. It was kind of cold. Thats about it.

We filled all the spots that we had for tomorrow's track session. SOLD OUT! We start body marking at 7am sharp and the first wave goes off at 7:45am. You can follow along live with pre-workout coverage from CBS4Denver starting at 6am with interviews from a few of the favorites and perspectives from workout director Lucho.


Lee & Regina said...

I'll send you a link to our snapfish account once they are up (Probably by Monday). I'll also post a hand full here

Chuckie V said...

Lucho, be forewarned that ticket scalpers are hawking their wares on the back alleys of America, so some of those in attendance tomorrow may deserve an authentic butt-kicking for actually paying to show.