Wednesday, November 21, 2018


Ya, it's been over a year since I posted.
 Some updates. After my last post in October I pretty much lost motivation and by November I was just messing around lifting and not running at all. Then I started running again in January and focused on Ragnar in California. Then in April I started my track focus for the Summer. I decided to just focus on the 200 meter with a goal of running a sub 25. It took the entire Summer and 5 tries but I finally ran 24.7 in August. I then ran the Mid America Masters Championships in September and ran my only 400 of the year in 55.91.
 Since then I haven't lost focus and in fact my motivation has only increased. Since the 400 in September I haven't missed a beat.
 Last Winter I messed around and didn't run much and ran well over the Summer (my 200 and 400 times will rank me top 15 in the US in both in my age group.) This Winter I'm actually training hard and increasing strength. My first indoor meet is in January so I'll be starting 2019 fit and on the track rather than running long easy miles. So that's it.
 I'll give it a go at updating my training logs here again.
 At the gym door at 4:25am. First one in. Ya, my insomnia is still going strong. I was ready to go at 3:00am.
 This is a sprint specific weight session FYI. Very heavily hip and posterior focused exercises.
Warmed up with box jumps and leg extensions.
3 X 20 meter loaded sled max velocity.
3 X 20 meter no load max velocity practicing my starts.
Hex bar deadlift JUMPS. Very much a power thing. I go light on these just because they're violent and I value my knees. I keep the loading mildly stimulating, I don't think this exercise needs to push weight much. Not sure how much the bar weighs and I was using 25's, so I'd guess 85# or so. Over half my body weight but it felt comfy. 
3 X 10 35" box jumps. I love box jumps!
Then I moved into a near maximal loading (near failure) hip routine. AB/ADduction, flexion and extension. I do several extension exercises using 3 sets of 4-5 reps.
Single leg isometric bridges- 3 X 10" each leg. Again an extension exercise.
RDL or straight leg deadlifts. I went light today because of the loaded sled sprints but I typically use 150-160# on my final sets.
Bulgarian split squats in the Smith rack. Final set of 5 at 145#. This is the only concentric quad exercise I do but I'd argue that it is less a quad exercise and more hamstring and hip.
 Then 15:00 in the sauna followed by cold shower.

 That's it for my lift today. If I feel good later today I'll do 30 meter downhill sprints and several 50 meter uphill sprints. Then tomorrow rest, Friday and Saturday are track sessions contrasting between short (80-100m) at 100% and long (300's) at 90%.


GZ said...

Happy Thanksgiving Lucho.

Maybe we can get together and you can do a workout where you push me like a sled rep on that hill in your hood in your kids baby jogger.

Lucho said...

Ha! Sounds fun!
Happy Thanksgiving to you too!