Sunday, August 13, 2017

3 X 150 coming out of my funk

     The Sanya workout I did last week kind of wrecked me. Although I completed it, it compromised too many successive days for it to be worth it right now. In the future the goal will be to be able to absorb it more easily. For the last week I've felt flat and today was the first day I felt OK. The session was 3 X 150 aiming for 19.7 seconds. That works out to about 13 at the 100 and then 6.5 for the last 50.


 20.0. I really need to be more diligent with my warmups! I tend to get to a point where I think I feel ready yet my first splits show I'm not.

19.3. Felt relaxed and smooth.

19.4. I took a 100 split- 12.9, so I was hitting the goal. For some reason I found myself completely overthinking my stride on this one and also trying way too hard. I was forcing it to the point of awkward which I could feel made me slow. What the? I made notes in my log to "Stop thinking! Just run!"
     I came into this not very optimistic for Thursday's race but today gave me some confidence. 4 days to go and I feel I'm over the fatigue.

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