Wednesday, July 5, 2017

No race this week

     My fatigue was quite high on Monday and yesterday it was still lingering. I felt on Monday that I might need to pull back a bit to ensure my body holds up through to my 'A' race in August and I've fully committed to that. So I'll be skipping this week's 400 race. I'm not injured, far from it actually, I just have a gut feeling or a whisper in the back of my head that I need to ease off this week. Many years ago I would have ignored that feeling and maybe I could get away with it this week and be fine, but over the years I've learned that not only is it not necessary to push in times like this but it's almost always detrimental to development. Our compulsion to push ourselves is simultaneously our greatest strength and weakness. Balance is critical and when things are going good we lose sight of that.
     Ensuring that I hold up through to the end of next month doesn't only mean physical health, it also implies mental health. I want/ need to be sharp not only in my race but also in every workout over the next seven weeks. Going into each workout rested and physically sharp will ensure each of them is most beneficial. Keeping a high level of motivation and mental edge is also a major component of that. Resting seven weeks out is good timing too. That leaves me with ~16-17 good workouts yet to come.

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