Monday, July 24, 2017

Monday Speed with a little endurance

     Coach had me doing a 300/ 100 (split 400) session today but I flexed and changed it to speed. My weakness. Legs felt OK, tight but activated and strong.
 The usual warm-up.
 Then: 100- 13.7. Still getting loose and warmed up.
200- 26.7. Not a true "speed" interval and since I rested only 6:00 after these it tips over into endurance slightly.
200- 26.9.
100- 12.7. My starts suck. They feel fast but the watch doesn't lie. I still stumble every few but it's getting better. The explosive requirement is something I've never worked on. I've done a little box jumps with a weight vest but think I need a lot more. I also have too high knee lift in the first ~10 meters which only reduces my foot speed as it requires far more recovery. Think short, choppy steps.
100- 12.9.
 Then 6 X starts. Weak.

    My ankles start to ache after these sessions and I realized it's 100% due to the deceleration after I finish an interval. Going from top speed to trying to slow down just beats the crap out of my ankles. So today I tried to just relax and let speed bleed off more gradual. It helped.


BB said...

Hey Tim, I enjoyed listening to your recent podcast, and a couple of things: 1) Bolt is not running the 200 in London, just the 100 and 4x100. 2) I made my own practice blocks out of wood which were light, cheap and easy to carry, if you are interested I could provide the schematic. It helped me get comfortable with real blocks and probably got me a crucial few tenths, plus block starts are fun when you get them down.

FWIW my PRs are 2:38 marathon, age 21, 55.9 400, age 44, 2:05 800, age 43 (2:11 age 50 89% WAVA) No real leg speed (25.8 200), but I could power out a decent 400 with technique and particularly upper body strength (I am a pro rock climber)

Keep up the good work, it reminds me of the good times on the masters track circuit.

Lucho said...

Thanks for the good word BB! And thank you for the heads up on Bolt at worlds. I saw talk that Niekirk has a solid chance of the 2/4 double. He had a world leading 200 mark last month.
I should be getting hooked up with a set of starting blocks this week! I'm seeing that blocks are somewhat necessary. If I don't fall on my face :)
The track aside, rock climbing is bad ass! I've taken my kids to a few gyms recently. Great sport!

BB said...

Excellent. BTW climbing is great cross-training for the 400... great for core, coordination, upper body strength and maintaining concentration under anaerobic conditions. I beat a lot of more talented guys just from having better concentration down the final straight (just like gunniing for the top of a hard climb).

Lucho said...

Unfortunately climbing is a once a month thing at best.