Monday, July 10, 2017


     We spent the last four days camping in South Dakota. We took the kids to Mount Rushmore, Wind Cave, and the Crazy Horse monument. Crazy Horse was by far the highlight. It blew away Rushmore for me.  
     I was up each morning by 6:00 to beat the oppressive heat which topped out in the high 90's every day.
 Friday- 35:00 with 4 X 20" fast.

Saturday- This run was meant to mimic a set of 300/100 on the track which is what I had planned for today. I had no way of measuring the dirt road by the lake so I went with 3 sets of 45" at about 400 meter race effort. Rest 1:00. 15" fast. Rest 5:00. Brutal session. Then on the way back to camp I did 4 X flying ~50 meters. You go into each one already running somewhat fast then punch it to max speed and hold it. True speed work this.

Sunday- 45:00 easy. My longest just easy run since April.  

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