Tuesday, June 20, 2017

4 X 100 meters with a new (unofficial) PR

 Started off the morning with this...

 The workout was 4 X 100 meters out of a four point stance (imaginary starting blocks). Racing 400 meters has an odd aspect to it in that you can go 100% max effort for the first ~5-7 seconds (depending on your fitness type and level) and it won't affect your race. A well trained runner like Jeremy Wariner or Alison Felix can hold this phase longer. The term "go ugly early" is used in describing the start. In a 400 race effort the alactic energy system is going to burn out regardless of how violently you start so it's considered free speed to max out the opening meters. My main problem however is that I'm muscularly weak from an explosive start perspective. Hex bar dead lifts and box jumps with a weight vest have been my main focus for addressing this but my starts are still pathetic and awkward.
     Today's workout though shows that I have probably improved. 3 weeks ago I ran 100m in 12.8 out of blocks. Today I ran 5 X 100m in 12.63, 12.80, 12.63 again, and 12.94. I ran a first one with a flying start in 11.86 but won't count it. All were on 5:00 rest.
      Then I finished with 4 X 50m on the infield turf with flying starts to work on absolute top end. The focus here was central nervous system coordination and hitting absolute maximum speed. It feels awkward and ugly! I was hitting low 5 seconds on each.
      I have to time these myself so I use a handheld stopwatch that allows me to hit the start/ stop button with one hand. Trying to hit the button on my watch while maxing out speed doesn't work even a little and doing a four point start is impossible. Pics below show what I'm talking about. I'm doing my honest best to time these accurately.


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