Friday, June 30, 2017

200 meter time trial/ test

     26.26. I'll admit I'm not ecstatic with that. I definitely did not feel fully recovered from Tuesday and my top end felt limited. During the warm-up I ran 4 X 50 all in high 6 seconds which wasn't a great sign, they felt a bit forced. I decided to give it a go anyway since today was more of a fast focus. There's no way to factor in things like fatigue and this being a solo time trial. Race scenarios you definitely get more stimulated and in a sprint event that has more of an impact than any other race distance. Not much need to get hyped when you need to start easy and relaxed in a marathon! For sprints though, adrenaline and being super hyped is significant. Add into that actually racing other people and I'm confident I can go 54.x next week which would continue my improvement to 2 seconds per race. I figure by August I should be around 46" or so. Ha. Seriously though I'd be very pleased with a 54 next week. The main focus will definitely be unloading some fatigue before then which I'm seeing is really THE #1 factor in all this. I could feel my top end lacking today and there was nothing I could do to go faster. In longer events and workouts we can usually muster a little more or muscle out a little more speed. But when you're at 100% there's nothing for it. And when you're fatigued you're 100% is slower.
     The entire point of this however was to see where I am and to try to define my weakness which will help to steer me in the right direction in the coming weeks. I lack speed but I feel that I also need a little work on endurance. I need the strength to resist form breakdown in the last ~100 meters. Even in this 200 today I felt it go with ~50 meters to go. The 200 is not run all out from the gun, it's paced. There are 4-5 segments of a 200 believe it or not and it's somewhat technical. Actually VERY technical if you consider that the smallest error results in a huge impact. And a small error could be something like running the third 40 meters 0.15 seconds too fast. I'm not at that level, not even close, but I also suck at at this right now so my mistakes will not only be bigger but I'm also weak enough that the impact of that mistake is bigger.
     I rested for ~8:00 or so and then jumped into 2 X 100 (in 13 mid) with an athlete of mine who I had doing a  200/100 workout. Then we finished with 4 X 50 meters on a flying start to max speed. It was interesting that I felt smooth and fast on the first 3 and then on the 4th one I felt my speed leave. It was profound and I could feel the significant loss in my CNS economy. Cool stuff I think!
     And speaking of CNS, today's session is very much what will impact the CNS. I'll be taking 2 full days off, possibly an easy ~2 miles jog Sunday, to make sure I allow recovery.      

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