Friday, July 1, 2016


     Ya, it's been awhile since I've posted. We'll see where this goes, if it does.
     Am) Run 3 miles in ~31:00 or so at MAF. I flub my MAF either out of ignorance, arrogance, or a good sense of what works for me. Probably a combination of all three. I still use HR 140-150 which I used in my 20's when I was first told to train at MAF by Mike Pigg. He said, and I quote, "Just train at HR 140-150." So really it would be arrogant of me to NOT train at HR 140-150 as one could assume I think I know more than him if I didn't. Ya. Let's go with that. Seriously though I used PE and called it MAF even though my HR was in the high 150's today. And that's because I'm in poor shape. This was my second run in 3 months.

     Pm) Bike 55:00 with 2000ft of climbing. I have this distant niggle in the back of my brain put there by a guy in Australia who hired me to help me him with an attempt at Everesting. It's a challenge to ride 29,000 feet of vertical (up) in one session. No sleeping. Using only a single climb. Up and down until you reach 29,000 feet. The climb I scouted, er... I mean accidentally rode, tonight was 2.6 miles with 860 feet of up. By my abecedarian maths I figure a successful Everesting would be 34 laps at ~40:00 (optimistic) a lap which comes out to about 22 hours if I didn't quit or die. It's intriguing to me because it isn't a race and you get nothing for doing it except maybe a boil on your grundle (Google it but do NOT choose images. Seriously.) This sounds like a scheme GZ would try so it HAS to be sound.
     I don't think that hill works though. If you look at the fancy graph thingy that plots the incline of everyone who has done it, most of the little dots seem to be bunched around shorter, steeper grades. Which makes sense. That 40:00 per lap split is the killer. So you have to balance speed, so your not out there for a day, with your ability on steeper grades. Too steep and 10 hours in you'll be walking, which just so happens to be against the official rules. I like this climb though because it's a quaint, dirt road with very little traffic. After 10 hours I don't want to swerve into a truck. Or maybe I will?
     We'll see. It's a niggle right now and I feel I need something like that out there. Not a race. I have no interest in that right now.


GZ said...

I'd crew that.

Lucho said...

If I attempt it I'll do it alone. So no one sees me weep.

FooooBarr said...

I get the dirt road allure, but have you considered a longer sustained climb? Like Mt Evans (but not that due to heavy traffic) Seems like the mental game on 32 laps would potentially be harder than the spin.

Lucho said...

I'm not sure what would be ideal. I agree with you in keeping it more shallow might be better later in the ride. Too steep and you'll fall apart. But if the climb is too long and shallow then you'll be riding ~25 or more hours to get the 29,000ft. I don't know. I think it comes down to your strengths more than anything. You gonna try it?

FooooBarr said...

You've definitely piqued my interest. Unfortunately, I live in South Florida, so getting 29k of ascent would be somewhere around 580 bridge repeats. Talk about banging your head against a wall. I did Haleakala in Maui last year and thought at the time that doing it twice in one day might be a nice challenge. Perhaps going for a triple would be an option. Of course that requires me to get back to Hawaii first. For now I am going to have to add it to the list of "things that would be awesome, but which are currently not feasible." Question - if you were to do this on a dirt road, would you be on a mountain bike, cx bike, or just hardcore it Eddy Merckx style on a steel 7 speed with down tube shifters?

Lucho said...

Here's a post I did awhile back on my current bike. Ti Merlin road bike.;postID=4387692020519844059;onPublishedMenu=pendingcomments;onClosedMenu=pendingcomments;postNum=46;src=postname

Florida... ya, no Everesting for you. Although if you did, I imagine it would be some kind of a record :)