Monday, March 14, 2016


     GZ drove up this morning and blessed me with his company. I'm literally hoarse from an hour and a half of non-stop animated conversation. Even yelling at times. Not at George but into the ether at various people and people in general usually involving politics. Anyway, ten miles total which is the longest I've run in awhile. Legs felt fine which is a testament to my time spent in my shed. Cycling helps a bit too.
     I started a new leather project, one that I've wanted to try for a few years now. A leather messenger bag. After the flood of '13 people had dumped a ton of water damaged stuff on the side of our canyon road which was to be picked up and disposed of. There were three or four leather sofas and chairs and I stopped and skinned them. I got a gazillion yards of really good upholstery leather from oxblood to black to brown. So I started a messenger bag and I have to say hand sewing upholstery leather sucks. I'm also using upholstery thread which sucks even more. I'm used to thick waxed thread which is simple to use but for the bag I wanted small stitching which means small needles and the thick wax thread won't fit the eyes. There's also going to be many hundreds of stitches, probably thousands, and wax thread is expensive. I'm about a third of the way done with an oxblood bag which is more a practice attempt.
 That is all.


David said...

I love so so so much that you skinned a couch. Lucho 2016!

Lucho said...

I got kicked out of the Denver Ikea for stalking a love seat. I almost had it too but that uppity manager Carl had to get all up in my business.

Keith Brown said...

Messenger bag has been on my wish list for awhile. Are you working from a pattern or an old bag you disassembled? I'll probably make mine out of something like pack cloth or sunbrella.

Lucho said...

Nah, no pattern and I don't have a bag that resembles this one, which is why I'm making it :) The bag is done, I just need to make the shoulder strap. Should have pics up soon.
Oiled pack cloth is awesome. And you can make your own oil using a toilet wax ring (Seriously. And they're like $1.50) and paraffin. I oiled a canvas bag last year by melting the toilet wax which is bees wax and natural, a couple of old candles, and pine oil then painted it on the bag. Then hit it with a hot hair dryer to melt it in well. Worked brilliantly. You could buy a pair of large Carhartt work pants from a thrift store for <$10 and use that as your cloth.