Monday, November 16, 2015


Bacon Strip run. If I've missed running it's mostly because I miss this route. I didn't head out to run it, I thought maybe 5 miles would be OK. But as I got loose I felt better and better (duh) and decided to see how far up I'd make it. All the way it seems. Not a fast time, my fastest is 1:07, but to dip under 1:30 makes me happy. I don't think you can be weak and easily run under 1:30 on his route. Cruise effort, not MAF, not hard, just running with some walking up near 9000ft altitude.

 The roads still have spots of ice but it's going away. Just in time for another snow storm tonight.

 I also finished my 95th book of the year last night. I'll look to get ~110-115 books this year.

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