Friday, January 24, 2014

Fish total day 1

 Note: voting is over.
The time I had to fish today was slowly eroded away by that thing called life so I ended up having just 2 hours. I got to Gross Reservoir where I had planned on fishing all weekend but over the past few days it has developed a ~1" layer of ice over 99% of the lake. Not fishable at all. So I drove over to South Boulder Creek and fly fished for about 45:00 in really low water but I had to try. One small bite.


mtnrunner2 said...

South Boulder Creek has some great-looking water. Sure you don't want to just jog laps on Walker Ranch Loop and fish each time you hit the creek?

Chatfield Reservoir has some really nice sandy shoreline on the east; I don't know how the fly fishing (or wind patterns) would be, but it's nice while you're there. Plus the Platte feeds into it.

Lucho said...

mtnrunner2- The water is super low on South Boulder. I'd definitely like to, and will, try Chatfield sometime. Thanks!