Saturday, October 1, 2011

Saturday bike in pictures

Cross bike 

Cross dressed

I'm dorking out on the self shots. GZ watched me 'surf' down this hill holding back the double jogger. 

Looking down at my hood

Looking through Eldorado Cyn, one of my favorite views on this route

Green... Bear

Pretty typical climb.This is about a ~15% grade at times and about 1.5 miles long


The top of Starr Peak and the American Tower antenna building

Starr Peak and Sheepshead

Looking down a descent (all told this is a 12 mile drop from 9000ft down to 5500ft) with Green and Bear in the background. Tons of super tight switchbacks and 50mph straights. A shot of adrenaline is a hell of a way to wake up in the morning.


mtnrunner2 said...

Really like this batch of pictures. Awesome.

Makes me feel lazy since you've already done this and I'm sipping coffee at 9 AM.

Well, off to the mountains ;)

Lucho said...

I'm usually having my first cup of joe by 3:15am... this morning I did a headlamp run and was finished by 5:00. Insomnia sucks.

Brett said...

"looking down at my hood"

I assume you mean neighborhood and not tallywacker. Because the latter is not a safe way to ride a bike.

Lucho said...

Ha! I can't help it... tight lycra is flattering.

GZ said...

Yellow jersey, eh? Not polka dotted?

Creepy header photo. Creepy in a cool way.

That was nutty ... you not moving your legs but being drug behind a baby jogger as it went down the hill.

No children were harmed in the filming of that by the way.

Jeff said...

Scattante frame?

Art said...

Great pic's....keep 'em coming....what kind of camera are you using....? BTW, it looks to me like your shifter/brake lever pods are slanted down at too great of an angle to the horizontal....are they comfortable for you and your wrists....?

Lucho said...

GZ- I'm far from king. Ya, I love the header pic. When the wolves were still down the street I would walk up to the fence and see that exact same shot.

Jeff- Yes. I am seriously considering selling the Merlin and trying to find a used Moots Psychlo X... I like the Scat because it's cheap but I hate aluminum. It'll do for now though.

Art- Thanks!
I use a Canon Power Shot SD1300 IS Digital Elph. Affordable and it takes awesome pics.
Are you suggesting I would ride something that isn't comfortable!? ;)I think it's the angle of the shot, they're perfect. Although I hate the triggers, I'm a grip shift guy but they're on my 29er.