Monday, October 31, 2011

Monday bike 4500ft gain with tempo work

 The roads up high are still icy in spots but I didn't crash. I thought I would once, but I didn't. 3 X 1200ft gain/ 2.5 mile long climbs to 9400ft altitude with the Powertap on my cross bike at a tempo effort. HR was depressed but wattage was right where it was the last time I did this right before Leadville, good sign since it's November. I've lost nothing from August.
 Tomorrow I'll enter Leadman...


Art said...

I'm thinking the servers will over-load at 11:00 a.m. mdt on Tues....the mad rush to sign-in early will be catastrophic for the IT people in Minneapolis....I haven't bothered to put my snow tires on for the winter---not much snow in the basement to bog down the ergometer....;-) beautiful pio's on Sunday....!

Lucho said...

Yep. Almost for sure.
No snow in the basement is a good thing! And riding on a trainer is 'worth' more anyway. You signing up for the bike?