Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday stuff and junk and crap and things.

 I finished the drywall in the spare bedroom tonight. Hanging drywall is tough by yourself. You start the first wall piece against the ceiling running length wise so you have to pin a 50 pound sheet against the wall, line it up perfectly, and then magically shoot a screw with one hand. Good stuff. No serious injuries to report which makes it a successful day. Next up is finishing the plaster and then laying the flooring. Then a platform bed with Ben's bed underneath 'like a cave'. I want to do chicken wire on the outside covered in paper mache painted to look like stone. That's what he wants anyway... and I'm always a sucker for for the loves of my life.
 The new i-phone looks pretty awesome. I've only gotten to play around with it after Ben went to bed last night. He loves it and I had to have him show me how to get to Angry Birds. He also figured out how to use the camera and I heard him flipping through i-tunes earlier. This is a good thing to me. Rather than have to hang drywall I would prefer he used his head.
 Last night the podcast was cancelled a few minutes in due to a crappy phone connection. And the weekly podcast with Endurance Planet is set up and we may give it a go next week. Ben Greenfield will ask people to "Ask an ultrarunner" on facebook. You post your questions and then we go over them during the podcast. Could be pretty fun.

 Tomorrow GZ runs his first 100. I'm heading down after my wife comes home from work to maybe catch a lap or two with the digitally challenged old man.

And here's a little Leadman quote I found.
In 1999 Scott Hirst came to Leadville on a mission; in a blistering 30:03 he completed both 100 events with a 21:36 run and an 8:27 bike, simply amazing.  Humm, if someone could equal Scott’s times would it be
possible to break the 40 hour barrier for the series?  Here’s one way:
4:40 + 4:35 + 8:30 + :45 + 21:30 = 40:00

 Apparently no one has ever broken 30:00 for the combined Leadville 100 bike and run. Granted mine were a year apart but I combined a 27:5x. A week apart next year? Something to shoot for.


GZ said...

No doubt you can pull a sub 30 combo. Then you could chest bump and break your sternum.

Lucho said...

On paper I'm confident. Looking at the sub 40 hour splits I feel I can take an hour off with just the marathon and Silver Rush bike. I soft pedal the 100 bike in ~8:50 and then run 18:30. On paper...

FatDad said...

Dude, so stoked for the kid cave. Have you thought of using painted foam? You can 'sculpt it', it looks legit and won't shred your kids to ribbons if they bust through the paper.

Lucho said...

I hadn't thought of that! Great call. Any ideas on thickness? I wonder if ~3" insulation foam would work?