Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wednesday both big buckles and the day in pictures

My buckle from the Leadville 100 bike arrived today.

Pretty lame on the photos today. I fished the North Fork of the South Platte out near Bailey


GZ said...

Whatcha catch?

Which buckle you fancy more?

Art said...

Aren't they pretty....? the buckles---I have eight of those little babies....glad you made it back safe 'n sound from Mahzooourah but it was a bummer to hear about your friend and her "C"....we will be praying for her here in MI....wondering if the incidence of cancer is higher, lower, or equal to the general population....? can't understand why a cancer cell would even want to suffer along with us, eh....

Lucho said...

Art- Yes, they are... and 8 of them is even prettier! The new buckles seem pretty much stamped and machine made. My 100 run buckle has mistakes and rough edges which I love. I'll get 2 more next year and then I'll be half way to your collection :)
Thank you on the kind words. Not sure on the incidence thing. I think it's part genetic and part environmental though. Chemical exposure and our parents.

mtnrunner2 said...

Those are some fine-looking buckles. More fine because of what went into them.

Odd, this is my second Pootie Tang reference this week: so... you could use those buckles to hold off any uncooperative wildlife you encounter, Pootie style.

I know exactly how I'd fish the water in that second shot. Nice.

Anonymous said...

Hey Tim,

Do they have a buckle if you beat the Leadman record? The big questin...did you catch any? I used to fish the Rio Grande around Creede, CO once a year growing up..even tied my own flies....looks like your on some narrow tree lined streams...those are a challenge to cast on!!

Lucho said...

mtnrunner- HA! That was awesome! Thanks!

Jeb- Not sure. We'll see though.
I caught zip. The water on the North Fork is deep and fast, ~3-4 ft in the middle and very few big rocks for holes and calm water. It's high right now and the fishing report wasn't good.