Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tuesday final 3 days of real training

Today was 38 miles with 6000ft of climbing in 3:07. I intentionally hiked my bike up a 1/2 mile section of jeep road (and stopped to talk to my wife for a minute who was out pushing the boys in the double stroller... up the same jeep road) I did this with the thought of Leadville and the possibility of similar things happening on St Kevins at mile 6. It didn't really kill my ride time as I still averaged just over 12mph for the ride on a much hillier route than Leadville. I'm trying to calm my nerves and relax about starting with 2000 (yes, it's 2000) other cyclists where it's going to be crazy important for me to relax and not get in a hurry. The consensus of folks who have given me advice (thank you) leads me to think I'll lose maybe 10:00 because of the corral start... I can live with that. I have to live with that or I'll die doing something dumb to make up that 10:00.
 Today, tomorrow and Thursday are my last 3 days to really push the training. We're heading to a friends cabin for the weekend. Here and here are pics I took from the trip we made last year. I'm turning 40 in a few weeks and all I asked for for my birthday was a weekend in that cabin again. After Leadville we're going back up again too!


Jeff Valliere said...

The chip timing should mitigate some of your loss. Play it cool and keep the rubber side down and you will do great. I'm hoping to come cheer you on with Brandon and the twins.

Brandon Fuller said...

And you are gonna bring your light come out and run some trails on Saturday night with us?

Wyatt Hornsby said...

I think it's dumb that a guy with your credentials, including a 13th-place finish at Kona (am I right on that), should get an unseeded start.


Lucho said...

Jeff- Ya, that will help. Looking over past splits one guy stood out huge last year. Went through the first 40 miles super relaxed and pretty slow... then dropped a freaking mallet and negative split to ride 8:02. That's how I want to go. It worked for the Leadville run!

Brandon- I'm skipping town after the race to crew for my wife who is racing a triathlon on Sunday. Sucks because if I get the buckle then I have to wait 4 weeks to have it mailed to me.

Wyatt- Meh, I proved my rookie status at Silver Rush. If I had raced well there then maybe I would ask to be moved up... but I really don't feel I have earned it yet. But thanks man!

Brett said...

What if someone forced you to run the first 6 miles of a marathon 1 minute per mile slower than you could run?

My guess is you wouldn't lose 6 minutes when all was said and done because you'd be stronger towards the end.

Your hardest challenge will be remembering exactly how many people you pass. Don't count! ;)

Lucho said...

Brett- I'm pretty sure I have preached a similar thing to my athletes. Ya, I have to remember it's 100 miles and "they" say the race doesn't even start until mile ~70.
And I can only count to 47.