Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Leadman...?

 The Leadman competition is completing all the races in the Leadville series (except for one- you can pick between the Silver Rush 50 bike OR run).

These are the times for the Leadman record held by Larry DeWitt followed by useless speculation.

Marathon: 4:57
 I've run 2:30 on a rolling altitude course... I can go under 4:00 for this.

Silver Rush 50 Bike: 4:41
 Crashed out for a DNF... but I was leading to mile 16 and feeling awesome... I can go close 4:00 for this.

Leadville 100 bike: 8:45
 8:37 last week starting at the back. Next year I would get to start at the front... I can go under 8:00.

Leadville 10k: 47:13 This is run the day after the 100 bike.
 I run well after a hard bike and have run a 2:50 marathon at the Ironman. Even this year with almost zero run training I think I could have run 45:00.

Leadville 100 run: 24:10
 I ran 19:19 last year off of 50 miles a week run training. Sub 20 hours (on paper) is doable again.

 The race entry fee is $700 and closes on January 31st. I have to save ~$127 a month from here on. Time to start e-baying.

 All just speculation of course. As I've shown in the past my only reliable trait is my unreliability to stay motivated. The training for this would be fairly significant in terms of energy and I'm not sure I'll have the desire to take my energy away from my family. I have ~5 months to decide... but man that would be epic.


Brett said...

I dunno man, I think just your regular training (with a few tweaks) could suit you well in those events without having to sacrifice your family to shave every possible second off your time.

Trailrat said...

I have been pondering the same thing if I don't get into Hardrock, of course the lottery right now is after the Jan 31 sign up date so I don't know. There are rumors that they are moving the Hardrock lottery up to Dec but we will see if that hold out to be true or not. If I do Leadman I was going to ask if you are taking athletes for coaching. I think I will need someone to tell me when to back off or push hard.

J.P. Patrick said...

The Leadman is made for you! You could set that bar pretty damn high!

Dan Seifring aka "OBRATS" said...

Would you accept donations to help with the entry fee?

Uli said...

You already decided. Good.

Lucho said...

Brett- I think you're spot on. I was hitting ~20 hour weeks with out killing myself or my time with my boys.

Trailrat- I'm always taking athletes for coaching! You could always just slip Hardrock in to the middle of the Leadman ;) That would be called 'The Giant Cojones Man'.

JP- After my last 2 years I think Leadman would do me well. On paper the numbers don't look impossible... on paper.

Dan- No way man but thank you so much for that! I just have to 'buckle' down and pinch some pennies.

Uli- I decided at mile 80 of the bike on Saturday.

SanDiegoPJ said...

Love it man! I think you could and would crush it and would love to see you take it on.

Brandon Fuller said...

I debated this same course for 2011 after not getting into WS or HR. But then I knew I needed to run a fast time at LT. The bike the week before just doesn't lead to a great run performance as I have seen. Most of the Leadman put down a sub-30 hour finish and are glad to be done. So its really this 1 week period that is the crux of that title. Other than that, I am not sure this is really much of a challenge for you. Nobody really seems to even know what the cumulative time record is. The only awesome part about Leadman is that they introduce you by name at about every event BEFORE you get the prize. Weird.

Lucho said...

SDPJ- Thanks man, we'll see!

Brandon- But, as I showed with my EPIC FAIL at Silver Rush just finishing is part of the equation. The record holder, DeWitt, 'Big Buckled' at both the bike and run just one week apart. THAT is stout. And I agree 100%, this week is the key. 3 races within 8 days with 2 of them being 100 milers... that's pretty huge. Right now I feel very good and I didn't feel any post race fatigue on Sunday so that's a good sign.

Art said...

You could do it if you had a good nutritional program during that critical 3-race time period, and if you had a good motivational coach....LOL...BTW, the 10K is 5K downhill and 5K uphill, the majority of it being The Boulevard....

Trigirlpink said...

TGP's top 3 Ideas for raising the needed $700 funds for Leadvillepaloosa:

1. Ebay (OUT) Sperm banking (IN)

2. Lemonade stand sales (Yawn..SO YESTERDAY) Pay-per-view Lucho wearing ONLY belt with said earned Leadville buckle of choice while demonstrating core exercises with stability ball (IN)

3. Yard sale (OUT) Auctioning off relic/rare Ironman day-glow gear from past Ironman career (HOT)

Lucho said...

Art- Nutrition... check. Motivational coach... you offering?

TGP- Ha! Awesome. The core exercise thing though... unlikely! Love it, thanks!

James said...

Would be a hell of an adventure!!

Wassdoc said...

Perhaps a book deal could be part of the epic adventure:)