Thursday, July 28, 2011

Wednesday Leadville/ Thursday hill intervals

 I've been posting some on Facebook and Twitter. I'm liking both as the time it takes to post crap about ME (it's all about me) is nothing.
 Yesterday I rode Columbine Mine, the ~8 mile/ 3000ft climb that comes at mile ~44 at Leadville. Then I drove to Powerline and rode it also. It's very apparent that at Leadville I have to bank on my climbing fitness and just cruise the descents super chill (which was my goal at Silver Rush too. Ha!) But I do have to say that every mile I descended yesterday my confidence only became more strong. I have pictures from Leadville on my Facebook page...

 Today was tempo hill intervals... 4 X 1000ft (2.5 mile) climbs at HR 155-170 which is bustin moves for me now. The climbing legs felt spectacular.

 And my ribs are getting better every day (that I don't crash). Only a very faint twang when I breath deep and I even sneezed this morning with out much pain.


ej said...

hey tim what is your facebook? i tried to find you there and got nothin! let me know or look me up on there, under eric john jensen. then i can be your friend!

Lucho said...

Eric- There are a few EJWs on there.... none look like you!?
Look under Tim Waggoner or try this?