Saturday, July 9, 2011

Saturday hill intervals + randomness

Super early start this morning simply because I couldn't sleep past 4am. 6000ft of climbing as the sun was rising with a 1000+ ft climb and a 1600+ft climb done at Z3/4 tempo efforts up and over 9000ft altitude. Then I did maybe 5 hill intervals of 2'-4' long maxing out each. Well in to Vo2 max at the ends. Legs are aching and weak now.  

Last night I had a Tall Grass IPA out of Kansas. These come in a 1 pint can which I like. The beer was OK.  Bombastically hopped... not really. I've been drinking Hop Stoopid lately so my taste buds are a little off.

Possible new seat cover for my MTB.


Dave said...

Who makes Hop Stoopid? I've been ADDICTED to Dale's Pale Ale lately. Went to buy a six pack and they "bribed" me into a case:)...not much bribing really. Love the seat cover!

Lucho said...

Teh Lagunitas Bewing Co. in Petaluma, California. Just outside San Francisco. Awesome beer and in my top 5.
Happy Camper out of New Mexico is my #1 right now.

Rick said...

Boombastic Mr. Fontosstic.