Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wednesday 5:00 run/ bike

Am) 1:30 run with 2470ft of upness. HR average 138/ max 151. Legs feel bike heavy but strong and HR was bottomed out with the exception of the last ~20:00 when dehydration set in a bit.

Am) 3:30 bike average HR 137, almost the same as the run. In the past my bike and run lactate thresholds have tested the same, between 174-178 but I can definitely feel my bike has dropped. My run Z2 (140-150) on the bike feels more like Z3. It has to do with specific fitness mostly where my legs aren't strong enough to hold high wattage for long periods. Today felt great though. I rode my road bike down in North Boulder and I forget how difficult FLAT riding is! Holding a steady ~130-140 HR on the flats for 3+ hours is tough. Up here the descents give you lots of rest. For Leadville I definitely need focus more on the steady rides.

 I also went by Ultimate Direction and Sierra Designs and picked up some new gear. They have an in house sewing/ production studio which means if I want a piece of gear modified I could possibly have it done. They're excited to have my input and have me use their gear which in turn excites me. Tomorrow I'm testing a new hydration pack on Walker Ranch... I'm shooting for 4 laps (30 miles with 6800ft of climbing). We'll see.


PatrickGarcia said...

Free gear beats the hell out of shopping for sales! Kick ass man.

Lucho said...

Ya, it's been years since I've been sponsored. Ultimate Direction is awesome and I've been using their gear since ~2002 anyway.

Ward said...

10 miles in 1 week + 30 miles in 1 day = STUD!!

Lucho said...

It's called variable volume AKA: dicking around.

John Tribbia said...

Rather than call it variable volume, I would call it the work of a dragon slayer.

Paul said...

"Variable volume" I like the sound of that. I'll use that to describe my last 2 weeks of "training". The camping shots look like you had a great time.

Lucho said...

Hey John, thanks for stopping by. Dragon slayer... I like that. I loved the movie "Reign of Fire" about dragon slayers.

Paul- Ya, I can make anything sound good :)
Ya, the camp was right behind my house. We're heading back for 2 more days of camping this weekend.