Saturday, June 4, 2011

Saturday 5 X 1 mile hill repeats

I drove to the bottom of my canyon and dropped my car off and then ran this workout home. During my warm-up I nearly bagged it as my legs are very heavy from a long bike/ 10 mile run yesterday and my HR wouldn't elevate on my 4 X 1:00 strides. I started anyway figuring I would just work in to the first one before bagging the run. My loose goal was threshold intensity by feel and by HR. I have to use the HR monitor sometimes in order to run harder. Like today where my fatigue is quite high I used HR to keep me honest. I'm in a 7 day 'crash' cycle before resting for Evans so I'm going with the fatigue. So HR 165-170 was the goal, (just below threshold) and resting after each until my HR dropped below 135.
Wu) 2 miles.
5 X 1 mile with 1360 feet of gain (just over 5% grade).
1- 6:42
rest 1:36
2- 7:06
rest 1:55
3- 6:55
rest 1:15
rest 1:01
Cd) 2 miles
6:49 average pace and 164 average HR/ max HR 170. Average rest interval 1:26. Slight head wind blowing down the canyon.


Dave said...

I don't know too much about HR, but those seem like absurdly quick recoveries. Also, you crushed my dreams last Monday in a way that has to be a human rights violation...during a crash cycle. You are in crazy awesome shape, and it is so much fun to follow.

Lucho said...

Thanks man. HR averages of just 164 (my LT is 175 and I hit 189 last week during intervals) means they were far from hard. 165 HR for me is about marathon effort.

Brett said...

Tim, was this workout a look into your target pace for Mt. Evans? When rested (as you say 165 HR being your marathon pace) you should be able to hold these paces for 2 hours right? Pretty intriguing given that I think MCs CR is about a 6:40 pace if I recall...

Lucho said...

This run was slightly harder than goal Evans effort. I won't be wearing a watch or HR at Evans, I'm just going to race. My HR was depressed for this run so even though I can hold 165 for 2:30... today's effort was higher. Also I started this at 6400ft and ended at ~7800ft so about half the altitude of Evans which is significant. I think I would be pretty happy getting close to 1:50 at Evans and top 3 placing.