Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wednesday Bike

When I sit in my chair in my living room I look out our front picture window at the Golden Gate Canyon State Park just a few miles away... yet I don't go there very often. Not sure why. So today I biked a loop in the park of some sort before then heading up Gap Road to Peak To Peak and then up Lump Gulch. Still way too much snow to start riding the monster labyrinth of jeep roads and trails that connect to Indian Peaks Wilderness. Then up P2P to Magnolia for a quick out and back before topping Col Du Wondervu and then home. Just under 9000 feet of climbing with an average HR of 135. No idea on distance but it was long.


Rick said...

What's the biggest sustained climb on a ride like that?

Lucho said...

The biggest is from the end of my neighborhood up to Golden Gate which is 4 miles, it starts at 7600ft and tops out at 9100ft altitude. Then Lump Gulch has monster potential once the snow melts and it starts at 8600ft and could go up to 13000ft (not sustained climbing though). There's a monster labyrinth of jeep roads and trail that connect from Peak to Peak all the way up over the Continental Divide in the Indian Peaks Wilderness but not the usual trails off Tolland Road and out of Nederland that people know. These are Souther. Then Col Du Wondervu which climbs 1100ft in 3 miles. Not sure on Golden Gate but it was hilly. It's tough to watch the altimeter on single track on a bike.
Then Gap Road rolls between 9000ft and 9500ft altitude, Peak to Peak and Magnolia are pretty rolling too.
When you get out here maybe we can go for a drive and I'll show you!