Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tuesday Bike

Up and in the pedals by 5:30am and watched alpen glow creep on to The Divide, spectacular.
 I signed up for the Buffalo Creek trail race this Saturday. 1300ft of climbing in 7.9 miles and the waves start the same as The Dipsea, one minute intervals based on age and gender. So I'm starting about 25:00 after the 6 & 79 year age group.


Jim P. said...

No jostling with the elbows!

Rick said...

Sounds a like a good course. If the start/finish is the same place, then it's good Evans training as well; average grade on the climbs would be around 6%. You should be hammering sub 7's on the climbs ;-)

Lucho said...

Jim- the elbow is solid. A little contact makes it fun.

Rick- Ya, I have never run the course so it will be fun to run it blind. I'm hoping some solid guys show up. There will be maybe 30 people ahead of me when I start which will be awesome. I just hope I don't fall.