Monday, May 9, 2011

Monday Starr Peak run in pictures

 Here are a few pictures of the Starr Peak trails from my jog this morning. I forgot to reset my camera from black and white.

Starr Peak through the trees

You're more likely to see elk than people

Awesome tree on a rock

Looking at Pikes Peak

Pikes Peak

Groomed single track at 10,300ft altitude.

Starr Peak altitude


Looking through Eldorado

Green Mountain a couple thousand feet below

Green and Bear

This is near the top of Starr. The jeep road climbs 375ft in the last .25 miles between 10,100 and 10,500ft altitude. In the Summer there is a spring that bubbles out of the rocks near here that you can refill bottles.

Trail entrance on the left. You don't want to miss this one unless you want to tack on ~10 miles.

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Larry Linux said...

Awesome pictures - even in black and white.


PS - Got my HRM in the mail today. Time to build that base!