Thursday, April 14, 2011


4 Crosses begging for first tracks.

Close to a foot of new snow today so I warmed up with an hour of shoveling my driveway and then a neighbors. Training has been going incredibly well. From riding with Tim DeBoom to a new personal best on Sanitas to a new personal best (at a lower HR) on a 3 mile climb that I've been running for several years now. My weight is right at 141 pounds and I did a 2:00 MAF ride at HR 135-145 and averaged 220 watts, pretty solid for a hobby jogger. Things are awesome.


Jeff Valliere said...

Did you race Mead Roubaix?

Sanitas time....?

Inquiring minds want to know.

Lucho said...

No Mead race. The 3 hour round trip drive turned me off but I compensated.
Sanitas in 15:03. I'm amazed at Kilian's FKT! I can't imagine even getting close to Rickey's best...

Brett said...

Think you can get down in 11 minutes more? Then you'll have the round trip FKT. If you can get down under 8 minutes you'll have the 'down' FKT. I don't know how on God's green earth you go down that fast unless you run and jump, fall 1.3 miles, get knocked out for a few minutes, wake back up, and roll across the line.

Lucho said...

Brett- Does my 5:00 of dry heaving and laying down at the top count or can I stop my watch? Hell no could I have turned immediately around and even walked down. Really, really good descenders are just as bad ass as good climbers IMO.

Jeff Valliere said...

Nice! As far as I know, only Killian, Scott Elliott and Ricky have gone up Sanitas faster than you, and not by much. Wow, great job!

Lucho said...

45" is a crap load of time on that hill. I was also rested... so I can't see ever going much faster.

GZ said...

Jeff - what do you think the top five are?

You are zip codes ahead of me on this. I don't think I have broken 18?

Jeff Valliere said...

1. Killian - 14:??
2. Ricky - 14:4?
3. Scott E. - 14:4?
4. Lucho - 15:02
5/6/7/8 Andy Hampsten, Galen Burrell, Nathan Schultz and John Tribbia have all gone in the 15 range but I don't know the seconds offhand (Galen was 15:38 I think when he dusted us on the Tues tempo run).

A handful (probably more than a handful) have gone in the 16 range. 16:23 is my PR. Mackey has done a 16:38, but that was years ago, I am sure he would beat that now, or if he really tried.