Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday cake day

After an epic FAIL trying to use regular white cake mix with pudding mix added (after 50:00 at 350 degrees it was still liquid) I started over and made my own sponge cake from scratch. I'm attempting a 3D sitting teddy bear holding a blanket for my son's 2nd birthday. Hopefully the sponge cake will turn out firm enough, otherwise it might be a 2D teddy bear cake. Or a cupcake.

No run today after a hard muscle endurance (big ring) hill workout yesterday on the bike. My legs felt pretty trashed afterward but feel good today. If I wake up tomorrow feeling OK I might drive down and do a hard jog in Broomfield.

Kind of cool lyrics off the Matrix soundtrack from Monster Magnet.

"The mountain screamed three times today
I guess it thought I'd like to play
How much does one have to pay
To fry a peak and melt away
Launching titan's breath on mine
The sweating measure lands on time


GZ said...

Hope to see you!

Rick said...

Would that hard jog include a 3 mile TT followed by a .1 mile sprint?

Lucho said...

G- Probably. I'll be the guy in long underwear top and running pants.

Rick- 5k? More like 2 miles hard/ 1.1 miles sprint and suffer like a dog. I'm hoping the weather is nasty cold, wet and windy.

Darren said...

I could give a rats ass about the race...I want to know how the cake turns out! The monster truck you built sometime back was awesome!

okay...if you do race, jog hard.

Rick said...

Long underwear top, huh...
Will Mick have you trying to catch a rooster during warm-up?