Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tuesday Hill interval to 10,000 feet

Just one. The last mile of this climb pitches up pretty sharply (maybe 800 feet of gain from 7-8) and I actually turned around before the top too. This is a "private" jeep road but I've talked to one of the Forest Service rangers while running it last year (this was one of my staple runs for Leadville) and he said yes it is private but it's leased by the Forest Service. He said I had as much right to be on it as anyone. This is used quite a bit by local horseback riders and there were snowcat tracks for me to follow so the footing was perfect. Max HR 174. 3200ft vertical (altimeter). 


Wyatt Hornsby said...

Hi Lucho: Maybe I missed it, but what kind of pace were you holding on that crazy climb? Impressive vertical, indeed.


Lucho said...

I have no idea. I never looked. I would bet it was damn slow though.