Thursday, February 24, 2011

Contest results and run in pictures

5668 feet. A few people almost got close. I feel kind of guilty because the elevation is from the Garmin which always reads high. Mountain bike ride, 35 miles in 2:50. Solid ride.

Today's run was 3 miles with 1790ft of climbing (altimeter). Below is the elevation profile. .75 mile trail with just a touch under 900ft of gain I call the Four Crosses (there are four crosses painted on various rocks on the trail) and is down the street from my house. The first lap was "easy" and the second lap was my best effort wearing my 10 pound Camelbak. Ouch.

This is the half mile point looking back, the building is where I started. The last .25 are crazy steep. There are miles of good trails that go to the top of that other mountain... they're secret trails.



Brett said...

Can you upload that into I think they do a good job of smoothing the data and making it 'real'. Might be interesting to see if any of the close people get closer.

Lucho said...

I probably could do that if I wasn't completely incompetent on a computer. Is there a way to get the correct elevation gain by rebuilding a transmission?
I'll probably ride the course again with my altimeter and then do another contest.
Garmin is cool for the pretty up and downy line thingies.