Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tuesday -17 degree run and Sunki Mountain Running Camp comment

 It was one of the coldest mornings in a very long time today. I looked out as usual and assessed the weather. Clear and sunny... looked warm enough to dress in my usual jogging suit. Not quite. -17 degrees with a steady ~20mph wind made for the frost bite preventing hand over my face posture for much of the run. I still love it though and I have found in the past that these runs make simple 'cold' days pleasant.

And we had our 6th person commit to the Leadville mountain running camp. Meaning that it should be full soon. Our guest speaker list is also taking form and should be quite a stellar line up. A couple of legends. And for the squeamish I do want to point out that we will have full support on each run. I will most likely be on a mountain bike for much of the time carrying gear and playing Sherpa and I can also cover the front to the back of the group more quickly. A van or car will also be meeting us at various points on each run giving people an opportunity to cut runs short. We do hope to cover nearly every foot of the Leadville 100 run course though. If you're interested or have questions please drop an e-mail to me or Tim or even just leave a comment as your question may be of interest to others. 


skatona said...

Yeah...I may have cursed your name when I stepped outside for this morning's run. I considered using the print out of my training schedule as kindling a couple miles in.

Damn dude, -17 is intense. I'm guessing it wasn't colder than -5 for me.

Lucho said...

Ha! Nice.
Something that I (maybe foolishly) pride myself in is that I do what I give you guys, or I give you what I have already done myself. Often times harder, farther and in worse conditions. So when you curse me remember that I'm probably out suffering with you.