Saturday, January 8, 2011

Monster truck cake

Am) Before sunrise headlamp bike intervals. Freezing cold! Rode easy to 9000ft altitude and then did 6 X 2:00 max efforts done as 30" seated big gear/ 1:30 standing at ~80 revs at max efforts. All on recovery spinning down to HR 139.

Ben's cake the rest of the day.

Rice krispie treats soon to be tires.

Roughed out truck body

Stained hands from making black fondant

Truck tires with a Mojo IPA compliment... ya, I had a beer.

Almost finished truck. I have finished pics when I have more time. Off to entertain 12 screaming kids!


J.P. Patrick said...

How the hell does a former pro Ironman know about fondant?!!! How do you even know that word?!! It's awesome!

Dave said...

Honestly, if you don't win "Dad of the Year" with that!!! Sick cake skillz! Haha, awesome job. Hope eating it is just as fun as it seems like it was to make!
You know, my 30th birthday is next month and I would love an IPA cake... :) Just sayin'.

Dax said...

That's just awesome. Your son is lucky.

GZ said...

Not sure you can get to this because it is on facebook, but you make cakes sort of like this guy:

Wende said...

I knew you'd come through!! Although I'd have loved to have seen the "dinosaur-with-Christmas-trees" cake. I wonder what Liv will have you doing when he catches on to this birthday cake thing?

Dave said...

That is freaking awesome. All of these things you do now will be such fond memories for them when they are 22, doing great things with their lives. My dad always did something similar, and thinking back, it was so meaningful, and I owe him everything for the person I am today (wait....that may be an insult).

Happy birthday to Ben!

Footfeathers said...

Ben's a lucky boy! I never got ipa on my 4th bday. Creative and skillful my man!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pic's! I have been trying to figure out how to pull one together this weekend for my son. I can do 3-D cows, a monster truck pit, 3-D fairies, but I have not even tried a monster truck. But the soon to be 3 yr old saw my looking for ideas and wanted one! There were not too many step by step pics out there for it though. I like the krispy treat wheels instead of the donut wheels I saw somewhere else. This will be very helpful! THANK YOU!