Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Wednesday bike, a deer fight and full moon in pictures

One of the twins

Hey... what's up?

Coming to check out his brother. I watched these guys grow up and remember when they were just button bucks... now they're 10 points.

You want a piece of me!?

A brief battle ensued. No animals were hurt in the photography for this blog. I wonder how many blind dear there are in the world? You could put an eye out with that thing!

Eldorado Canyon and some nice front range air quality.

Bear and South Boulder peaks

A switch back with Bear and S. Boulder and a brown haze


And this is a picture one of my Ironman athletes sent to me today of the turn around of her ride. Hawaii. Quite the disparity from mine. Both are beautiful!

The lunar eclipse made me think I could get better pictures of the moon, but nope. I used some different settings on my video camera and this was the moon rise tonight.

These are stills taken from video.


Michelle Simmons said...

I bet you didn't see nearly as many tour buses as I did. ;)

Lucho said...

You definitely got me there. But I did see a ton of women in bikinis! NOT!

Matt said...

Nice pics. Does the Boulder area have some suspect air quality?

I grew up at the beach, love it, was a surf rat as a kid, etc. But I'll take the mountains. I guess I should try living in them to see if that's really the case. But beach or run in the SD mountains now?
I'm heading east for sure.

Lucho said...

Matt- The pictures say it all, no? Comparatively, Boulder rates about a 4.1 out of 10 (10 being the best and 1 being heavily polluted)) for over-all air quality with carbon monoxide hitting about 3... so pretty poor IMO. Denver is a bit worse. Boulder is so over run with traffic it's not funny.

Jeff Valliere said...

Nice pictures Tim.

Boulder/Denver does have poor air quality and is compounded on days when we have a temperature inversion, where the cold air below is trapped by the warm air above, collecting that bad air and thus causing the brown cloud. I have skipped workouts, toned back the intensity on the worst days.

Lucho said...

Thanks Jeff. Ya, all of the front range is like that due to the proximity to the mountains, is that right? I thought the pollution became trapped partly because of the foothills in combination to what you said?

Matt said...

Wow. Between you and JV, that sounds pretty bad. Who would have thought.

Btw, I pulled a pic from your blog for my header pic. Thanks.

Lucho said...

Matt- I would rank Boulder there with most cities on the mainland. I live up close to the Continental Divide and there is no town (very little traffic). Plus we get a solid Easterly wind that keeps most of the pollution away from us... or so I tell myself.
You're welcome to any of my pics man... I don't own the mountains.

Aaron said...

I'm just thankful to live in Colorado where the air quality even in the cities is approximately one to two bazillion times better than in salt lake where I used to live (ok that might be slightly exaggerated). The inversions and air quality can get ridiculously nasty there in the winters though. The air is impeccably clean here in comparison.

Ironboom said...

More great photos! Especially love "The Battle" photo of the deers fighting it out. Happy New Year Lucho. I hope you achieve all your goals (family, sport, otherwise) in the year ahead.