Tuesday, December 28, 2010


 I had a bit of soreness in my hamstrings and inner thighs from squats yesterday. I varied my foot placement and went wider than normal and also pointed my toes out slightly which stress the hamstrings much more. I ran my "flat" route this morning which has 1400ft of climbing and never goes below 8000ft altitude. 9 miles with an average HR of 144/ max 152. Average pace was 8:24 which I always like to compare to a flat MAF run like Sunday. About a minute and a half per mile slower up here at the same HR. I would estimate the difference is 20% altitude and 80% terrain.


GZ said...

Yeah ... I see about a 90 to 180 second per mile drop up here (10k) from Broomfield. When I hit level stuff though I can seem to hit near 8 minute pace at 145. There just ain't much level.

Lucho said...

I see very little disparity when I run on the Nederland track. Of course the hill on the back stretch does take time away.