Sunday, December 12, 2010


Am) Max strength on squats. Starting at 105 pounds and adding 10-20 pounds on each set until near failure for 6 reps. Straight in to a 35:00 Computrainer bike with 7 X 1:00 ME efforts at 400-405 watts. A couple were standing. Full recovery between each with high cadence (95+ revs) spinning at 50-100 watts.

 Tonight is another bike workout


GZ said...

Yo - I was listening to this interview with Brett Sutton this AM, and was curious if you heard it and if you had a take on it.

Lucho said...

I've never listened to whatever that is, a pod cast? I know quite a bit about Brett though. He's indirectly responsible for getting me to swim 50:00 at Ironman. I used to train with Siri Lindley, Matt Reed, Loretta Harrop.... we used to do Sutton's workouts. One that I remember distinctly was 50 X 50 on the 45" (go to the pool and try to swim just 1 X 50 meters in 45" and these were leaving every 45"). The cool-down was 1500 straight with our ankles tied together. We would do 6-8k each swim session. His workouts teach you that suffering is OK. I think he used to be a horse trainer.