Sunday, December 26, 2010

Saturday and Sunday MAF test

Saturday I rode steady for 2:00 with 2300ft of climbing followed by an easy jog (if there is such a thing up here) for 30:00.
 Today was a MAF test (I was down in the big city and decided to run flat for once). 3 mile warm-up. Then 6 miles with an average pace of 6:46 per mile with a MAX HR of 149 (for comparison sake I race the marathon at HR 165 and can hold HR 170-175 for an hour... so this was jogging). First mile in 6:28 with a max HR of 144. Not bad for December.
 Very solid week for me and I entered my 4th race for next year, a year in which I turn 40. It's also on GZ's race schedule.


footfeathers said...

That would be CP50 mile, correct?

Lucho said...

I am thinking about that one. I would love to use that as a test for Leadville and bike the course the day before the run... but no. I didn't sign up for that race yet.

GZ said...

Oh dude you are going to look so bad ass burro racing. ;)

Lucho said...

Ha! No freakin way would I do that. That was studly. Maybe more balls than a bingo house and I will certainly back away slowly from that one.